Volunteer, Sponsor, Donate & Support Girls In Gambia

Feel Free Gambia is committed to educating girls and young women. We should remember that there is no better way to empower girls and transform lives than through education.

Give a girl an education and watch her change EVERYTHING.

We offer different possibilities for donor support.

Adopt a School: Large and well resourced schools and colleges are encouraged to ‘Adopt a school’. One we identify a suitable site for a new school and local key personnel to run it, any willing school can nominate to ‘adopt’ the school by providing equipment, training, technical expertise and support.

Financial: We warmly welcome financial contributions from corporations, companies and individuals.

Equipment: Any kind of functioning school and educational equipment or books can be donated to a school. We will advise where a particular piece of equipment is needed and the donor undertakes to carry the cost of transporting it there.

Training: For local teachers to be able to good schools they need to be adequately trained. Donors can offer to send experts to a selected site to provide training there or they can sponsor an educational professional to travel to an established centre for training.

Donating to Education Charity: Volunteer or donate money, expertise, equipment, supplies & services to sponsor, support or fund schools, teacher training, scholarships, educational and social development projects NGO’s, aid projects & charities in Gambia.

Educational Charity Work & Jobs: Linking volunteers & donors offering funding, support and sponsorship to schools, educational charitable organizations, charity projects & charities in Gambia

Education Charities & NGO’s: Listings and links for individuals and companies supporting and sponsoring African schools, charities, non profit organizations & development or aid projects

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