Niumi National Park

Niumi National Park is centered on 13031’N, 16031’W on the north bank of the river Gambia, in Lower Niumi District in the North Bank Division.

The Park boundary extends from Barra Point at the mouth of the River Gambia north to the border covering the low sandy island of Jinack, then east along the Masarinko Bolon to the upper limit of saline intrusion.

Niumi National Park occupies the coastal strip north of the river Gambia and extends around two nautical miles in the Atlantic Ocean. The terrestrial part contains very sparse wildlife though a wide diversity of habitat types, while the wetland component serves as an important fish breeding ground.

The area boasts one of the few virgin mangrove swamps in West Africa although other parts of the park are typical river delta. This lush eco-system extends to the borders of Senegal in Delta du Saloum National Park and Biosphere.

Parts of the park’s area are under dry savannah grassland and woodlands especially for the island which makes a favorable habitat for several species of wildlife.

More than 200 birds are recorded on Jinack Island with the list including 17 species of warblers and European migrants. Some of the birds in the park include terns, gulls, Harrier eagle, tree pipit, woodchat shrike, wheatear, pygmy sunbird, European bee eater, osprey, heron, oystercatcher, brubru, yellow wagtail and many other birds.

The mangrove and tidal flats are rich in waders, many of which are seasonal migrants but some, such as the white-fronted sand plover, nest on the dune fringe. Harriers are frequently encountered quartering the area during the European winter months.

Some of the animals in the park include spotted hyena, leopard, reedbuck, oribi, crocodiles, Grimm’s duiker, kob and many others. On the coastal area are sights of the humpback dolphins and a breeding ground for green turtles which arriver in the nights to drop their eggs.