Feel Free Lodge is built on the beach front on the exquisite Island of Jinack in The Gambia, West Africa. Jinack Island has been described many times as Paradise on Earth and is situated within the Niumi National Park

A day trip  to Jinack Island is an experience not to be missed in order to fully appreciate the unspoilt beauty of the Island!

An overnight stay at the Feel Free Lodge on Jinack Island is highly recommended, the night sky is a view you will never forget and waking up to exotic birds singing at your window is a regular occurrence.

Whether its a day trip or a full holiday, Jinack Island has something to offer everyone, from fishing, bird watching enjoying the local culture or just enjoying the peaceful beach and endless days of sunshine.On one side of Jinack  Island are miles of deserted golden beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Atlantic Oceanand the River Gambia

On the opposite side of the Island are the most stunning, meandering mangrove creeks. A donkey and cart ride across the Island to the creek side takes around 20 minutes.

4 Local villages are situated on the creek side of the Island.

The local village of Niji is based at the creek side and visitors are welcome to wander around, meet the local villagers and spend time at the small school.

Come visit us and enjoy the beauty this Island Paradise has to offer For information on day trips to Jinack Island, Overnight stays and Full Holidays please email us at