Feel Free Eco Lodge & Tourism Development in Gambia

Welcome to Feel Free Eco Lodge, located just 50 meters from a pristine, untouched beach where the Atlantic Ocean meets the River Gambia near the Gambia and Senegal border. We offer budget-friendly accommodation powered by solar energy with comfortable en-suite rooms with hot water facilities, Our eco lodge is ideal for bird watching and fishing holidays and a convenient base from which to explore northern Gambia and southern Senegal.

Feel Free Eco Lodge: Eco-Friendly Getaway In Gambia

Since 2000, we have worked with community leaders of the village of Jinack Niji to contribute to the preservation of the region’s natural beauty while fostering long-term social and economic development through eco-tourism and conservation projects. Our mission is to develop sustainable environmental conservation and eco-tourism projects. Our goal is to support the long-term social and economic growth of the island and its inhabitants.

Empowering Communities through Education and Eco-Tourism

Feel Free manages a range of education, eco-tourism, and conservation projects aimed at tackling the socio-economic and environmental issues faced by the people of Jinack Island and the surrounding region in Gambia and  Senegal. Our initiatives aim to strike a balance between economic development and environmental conservation, ensuring the sustainability of these communities.

Addressing Socio-Economic and Environmental Challenges

The communities within and surrounding the Niumi National Park largely rely on natural resources for their livelihoods. They engage in activities such as subsistence farming, fishing, and harvesting natural materials like mangrove poles and grasses for construction purposes.

Preserving Natural Resources and Empowering Communities

The wetland environment provides natural and sustainable building materials such as mangrove poles for roofing and grasses for thatching and fence construction. In these subsistence economies wet season rice cultivation and dry season market gardening, provision of dry season grazing for livestock, fishing and shellfish harvesting are also important. more on Environmental Issues On Jinack Island

Promoting Girls’ Education and Skills Training

In many parts of Africa, girls face greater challenges in accessing education compared to boys. At Feel Free, we are deeply committed to creating a world where all children, regardless of gender or background, have equal opportunities for education. We actively work towards providing sustainable educational, healthcare, and entrepreneurship training programs to improve the lives of girls and women in Africa.

Visit Feel Free And Join Us in Transforming Lives

We invite you to join us in making a positive impact in the lives of people in northern Gambia and southern Senegal. Let’s discuss and exchange ideas, approaches, and best practices for delivering sustainable educational, healthcare, and entrepreneurship programs that empower individuals and promote lasting change. Together, we can create a brighter future for this region of Africa. Contact us today to get involved in our eco-tourism, conservation, and education initiatives.

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The Feel Free Centre: A Hub for Development

In 2005, we established The Feel Free Centre in the village, serving as a central hub for local people and providing basic eco-tourism accommodation to fund our expansion efforts. Over the years, the center has grown to include indoor and outdoor teaching areas, hosting various development partners such as health initiatives, charities, NGOs, and aid agencies.