Gambia Holiday Advice

Please do not use electrical appliances such as travel irons, water heaters, curling tongs etc. We are an eco friendly establishment running from solar power, if you use these appliances it will disturb your neighbouring guests electric supply.

You are welcome to use the sockets provided to charge phones, laptops etc. We at Feel Free Lodge thank you for your understanding and compliance in this.

Mosquito repellent is advised for those evenings around the bonfire between the bar and the sea.

Malaria is a problem in The Gambia, although here in Feel Free Lodge we are not bothered by many mosquitos except in the rainy season. We do advise that you take malaria tablets to protect yourself on your holiday.

A jacket may be needed, as it can get quite chilly at night with the sea breeze.

A strong pair of shoes or sandals is a good idea for wanders through our little bit of jungle and for local walks.

Out of respect, when visiting the  village, it is advised to wear suitable clothing (i.e. shorts and t-shirts). Please ask permission to take photographs in the village and we