To reach Feel Free Eco Lodge on Jinack Island, the following transportation options are available:

Airport or Hotel Pickup: The lodge can arrange to pick you up from the airport or your hotel.

Crossing the River Gambia: From Banjul, you have several options to cross the River Gambia. You can choose to take the ferry or opt for a local commuter or cargo canoe that will take you to Barra on the north bank of the river. Alternatively, the lodge can arrange a private canoe directly to the beach at Feel Free Lodge for a more convenient and direct transfer.

Land Rover and Canoe Transfer: Once you arrive on the north bank of the river, you will travel by Land Rover through local villages, countryside, and salt flats to the banks of the Niji Creek. From there, a small canoe will transport you to the village of Ginack Niji. Finally, a short journey by donkey cart will bring you to Feel Free Lodge.

During your stay, various activities and amenities are offered:

Village and School Visits: Explore the local village and visit the school on Jinack Island.

Meals and Drinks: Enjoy an African lunch or English BBQ, and all drinks (including beer and soft drinks) are included.

Beach Activities: Fish off the beach, sunbathe, and swim in the ocean.

Overnight Stay: Choose to stay overnight for a beachside evening BBQ and experience the peace and tranquility of the African night sky with campfires on the beach.

Nature Walks, Bird Watching, and Fishing Trips: The lodge can organize additional activities such as nature walks, bird watching tours, and creek or sea fishing trips.

Whether you choose a day trip or an overnight stay, Feel Free Eco Lodge provides a range of experiences to make your visit memorable.

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