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Bird Watching Holidays In Niumi National Park, Gambia, W. Africa

Bird Watching Holidays In Niumi National Park In Gambia

Birds: The current list of bird species for Niumi National Park stands at roughly 300 species from 63 families (Ramsar Wetland Study The Gambia 1997).

The current survey has added the first record of the river Prinia prinia fluviatilis, for the Gambia. Two pairs of this species were located breeding on the island of Jinack and one nest was successful.

There appears to be ideal habitat present on Jinack (waterside vegetation and rice fields) for this rare species, formerly only recorded from northern Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Chad and Cameroun (Barlow, et al, 1997).

Casual rangers’ observations have shown a good number of migrating flocks of turnstone (Arenaria interpres) and sandaling (Calidris alba) in February- March.

Ospreys are present the year round in the site.

It is also noted an increase of dry season oystercatchers (Heamaropus ostralegus). Mixed stands of gulls and terns are noted at the northern tip of the island.

Large numbers of lesser blacked, blacked gulls (Larusfuscus) are present throughout the dry season.

Remnant flooded areas in February remain active feeding spots for a variety for waders. 48 Many herons and egret species are found feeding on stranded fish during the falls in the island.

In brief, the variety of the avifauna is patent even if each season has its own and specific cohorts.