Bird Watching Holidays In Gambia & Senegal In 2024

If you’re a passionate birdwatcher or ornithologist looking for a world-class bird watching holiday, Gambia is the perfect destination. With its diverse habitats and abundant bird species, Gambia is a birding paradise for both professionals and casual birders.

Birding & Bird Watchers Holidays In Gambia

Jinack Island is on the north bank of the River Gambia and is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty and is a haven for bird watching enthusiasts. The island is home to many rare bird species that nest exclusively in this area. With its varied geographical features and untouched landscapes, Jinack Island provides unique opportunities for studying and researching not only birds but also other wildlife, flora, and fauna.

Nature, Wildlife & Birding Guides In Gambia

During your bird watching holiday on Jinack Island, you can target iconic species like the Egyptian Plover or aim to create an extensive bird list. The island’s coastal areas, marshlands, woodlands, and grasslands offer a wide range of habitats, providing a permanent or temporary home for over 200 species of native and migrating birds. This includes 17 species of warblers and European migrants. For a comprehensive guide to the birds of Niumi National Park and to explore the birding opportunities available throughout the year, you can refer to the African Bird Watchers Calendar and the Birds of Niumi National Park.

Birds Species In Niumi National Park, Jinack Island

Some of the bird species you can expect to encounter in Niumi National Park, where Jinack Island is located, include terns, gulls, Harrier eagles, tree pipits, woodchat shrikes, wheatears, pygmy sunbirds, European bee-eaters, ospreys, herons, oystercatchers, brubrus, yellow wagtails, and many others. The mangrove and tidal flats in the park are particularly rich in waders, including seasonal migrants. Nesting birds like the white-fronted sand plover can be found on the dune fringe. Harriers are frequently observed in the area during the European winter months.

Gambian Birding Holiday Trips, Tours & Excursions

To enhance your bird watching experience in Gambia, the Feel Free Eco Lodge serves as an ideal base for your holiday. It provides comfortable accommodations and easy access to the diverse bird habitats of Jinack Island and Niumi National Park. Embark on bird watching trips, tours, and excursions in Gambia, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of birdlife in this remarkable African destination.

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