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Eco Tourism & Conservation Projects In Gambia & Senegal In West Africa

Eco Tourism & Conservation Area in Gambia & Senegal

Feel Free are based in the local village of Jinack Niji on the creek side of Jinack Island in the Niumi National Park.  The Feel Free Lodge in situated 50 metres from an empty beach where the Atlantic Ocean meets the River Gambia near the border with Senegal in West Africa

This beach front budget holiday accommodation is solar powered with en-suite facilities with hot water and are the perfect base for bird watching holidays or fishing trips & charters or for exploring north Gambia and south Senegal.

Eco Tourism & Hospitality Skills Development In Gambia

Education, Eco-Tourism & Conservation In Gambia & Senegal

Since 2000 we have worked closely with Jinack Niji community leaders and villagers to build, create and develop a number of sustainable environmental conservation and eco tourism projects that would help to grow long term social and economic development across the island.

Charities, NGOs & Development Partners In Gambia & Senegal

n 2005 we opened The Feel Free Centre in the village to provide a hub for local people to come together and some basic eco-tourism accommodation to fund expansion. This compound has now developed to include indoor and outdoor teaching areas and is used by visiting development partners such as health initiatives, charities, NGOs and aid agencies.

Environmental & Socio-Economic Issues In Rural Gambia & Senegal

Feel Free manage a number of education, eco-tourism and conservation projects that are addressing some of the socio economic and environmental issues and problems that are being faced by people on Jinack Island on the north Gambia and south Senegal region of West Africa.

Socio Economic & Development Issues In Niumi

The communities peripheral to and within Niumi National Park are composed primarily of subsistence farmers and fishermen who are dependent on natural resources for the maintenance of their livelihoods. more on Socio Economic Issues On Jinack Island

The wetland environment provides natural and sustainable building materials such as mangrove poles for roofing and grasses for thatching and fence construction. In these subsistence economies wet season rice cultivation and dry season market gardening, provision of dry season grazing for livestock, fishing and shellfish harvesting are also important. more on Environmental Issues On Jinack Island

Conservation & Environmental Issues In Gambia, Africa

Girls Education and Skills Training In Rural Gambia & Senegal

Girls are less likely to attend school in Africa than boys. We are deeply committed to creating a world in which all children, regardless of their gender, socio-economic background or circumstances, have access to education.

We are here to discuss and exchange ideas, approaches and good practices to deliver sustainable educational, healthcare and entrepreneurship training to improve the lives of girls and women in Africa

Girls Education and Skills Training In Gambia & Senegal

JOIN WITH US to instigate the changes that will bring about positive transformations in people’s lives in this area of North Gambia and South Senegal

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